Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy

Anyone can come for talking therapy - people from all different walks of life.  I work with people aged 18 and upwards.  The most important thing is that you find the right therapist for you and that a talking therapy is what you are looking for.

Counselling and psychotherapy are sometimes thought of as interchangeable therapies which overlap.  The main differences are the length of time that you see your therapist for and whether you look at the here and now issues for difficulties you are currently facing or if you look into your longer term past.  

Counselling would be appropriate to explore issues that are affecting you here and now such as a redundancy or health issue that is affecting you.  Psychotherapy would be more appropriate to tackle issues that are rooted in your longer term past such as recurrent relationship issues, phobias or thinking / behavioural patterns.

1:1 counselling or psychotherapy clients have said that talking to someone objective, outside of their daily lives, is helpful.  Others have said just talking is helpful and they feel the benefits of having a place to express thoughts and feelings they may not feel comfortable expressing elsewhere.