My Approach

My approach is relational, which means that what emerges in the relationship between client and therapist is important to the therapeutic journey and outcome. 

I have specialised as a psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis which informs how I work and think. However, I use other techniques such as dream analysis, mindfulness, and theories from other modalities in therapy to help clients understand themselves, their internal and external worlds, including relationships, better.


I am warm, empathic, approachable and non-judgemental. I work with each client as an individual and seek to understand each person as such and draw on my training, as well as my life experiences to support this. 


I will challenge where appropriate and believe in clients' capacity to change, grow and actualise their potential. At times this might feel uncomfortable / frustrating / worrying as clients begin to question their frame of reference or the way they live their lives and start to make changes. 

I listen to each individual regarding the pace of the work and am responsive in my approach to support individual growth and understanding of self.