Working Online

I have undertaken training in working therapeutically online.  The training enables me to work with clients online in the same safe, contained, boundaried and therapeutic way as I would work face to face. 

During the Covid-19 lock down I am only working online.  I am using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and the telephone to conduct sessions and this is decided by discussion between you and myself; you may prefer to work with or without video.  

It is important that you come to sessions prepared as you would in a face to face session and to treat your session the same way.  Some things to consider:

- Is my environment quiet and private? What can I do to establish this as much as possible? 

- What would I like to talk about during this session? It may be helpful to take time beforehand to prepare yourself and think about the key issues and themes of your previous week that you would like to bring.